The General Manager, employed by the Board of Directors, is responsible for the day
to day operations of the District and its personnel.  He is responsible for hiring of the
remainder of the staff.  The General Manager keeps the staff and Board members
apprised of any changes in regulations that may affect the operations of the District.

The District currently staffs 40 persons. Twelve employees work at the water and
wastewater treatment plants.  The remainder of the staff work from the District’s main
office on Hwy 274 South in Tool.

The Administrative Staff consists of the General Manager,
Maintenance Manager, Plant Operations Manager and Office Manager. This team of Managers leads the organization in its daily functions, makes and implements plans for future operations, all within the approved budgets.  They insure that the most efficient methods and practices are employed by the employees in performing their assigned tasks.

The Office Manager supervises 6 clerks in all office functions including customer service and human relations, processes payroll and performs secretarial functions for the Managers and Board of Directors.  This position also supervises monthly meter readings and two meter technicians who repair small leaks at meters, replace meters, reconnect and disconnect of water service.

Monthly billing is processed by the Billing Clerk.   This clerk processes the meter
readings, generates the charges, prints and mails the invoices.  She also processes
and posts payments received by mail or made in person and updates customer
records as needed.

The Assistant Office Manager handles the accounts payable of the District, prepares the monthly financial reports and analyzes line item accounts as needed for comparison to budget.  This position also assists with special research and reporting projects.

The Work Order Technician radio dispatches all work orders to the Field Maintenance
crews, closes and routes the work orders when completed.

The office staff includes two Customer Service clerks who answer the phones, initiate
work orders, take customer payments and guide customers through new service
paperwork.  One of these clerks is in charge of delinquent accounts and the other
clerk is in charge of paper records and lends assistance to Managers as needed.

The Data Manager, and clerk transfer all paper records to digital format and maintain the filling system.

The Plant Operations Manager supervises 12 water plant operators and two wastewater plant operators.  These operators, along with accomplishing the treatment processes, perform all maintenance required at the plants, take water samples for testing throughout the service area, and flush water lines as required.  The Plant Operations Manager is also responsible for the required monthly reports and compliance with water quality regulations.

The Field Maintenance Manager oversees twelve Service Technicians divided into
crews of two men each.  The sewer crew maintains household pressure sewer units
and over 60 lift stations.  The install crew makes new water and sewer connections to
the main lines and installs new household pressure sewer units.  The remaining field
crews take care of main line water and sewer leaks and special projects, such as main
line extensions, installations of new lift stations, and maintenance that may be required
in other areas of operation.   Maintenance and repair of company vehicles and
equipment also fall under the Maintenance Manager’s supervision.