Located in northwest Henderson County, WCCMUD serves the West side of Cedar Creek Lake with water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment. The District serves the cities of Seven Points and Tool on State HWY 274 South of the city of Kemp.

In 1974, members of the Tolosa Water Supply Corporation and the City of Seven Points recognized the need to upgrade the water treatment and distribution system to meet the Texas State Department of Health standards and to extend water service to a growing population. Heavily populated areas were also in immediate need of a wastewater collection and treatment system.

With support from the citizens of the area, the 64th Texas State Legislature enacted H.B. 2171 on June 21, 1975 and the West Cedar Creek Municipal Utility District was formed. Its purpose was to acquire existing water and sewer systems serving its area, improve and extend such systems, and/or construct new water and sewer systems.

With its purchase in January, 1978 of the Tolosa Water Supply Corporation, the District begain its water treatment and distribution operations. Other water supply companies were purchased in the late 1970's and early 1980's. All systems were interconnected and the District now maintains and operates two modern water treatment plants and over 500 miles of water distribution lines. Water storage facilities include three 300,000 gallon elevated water storage tanks and ground storage tanks containing over 3,300,000 gallons.

The District received a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, borrowed funds from Farmers Home Administration and in 1980-1981 a wastewater treatment plant was built and main sewer collection lines were laid. The District operates and maintains over 60 wastewater lift stations and over 100 miles of sewer lines. Over 6,700 households and businesses are served with water in over 500 square miles in Henderson and Kaufman Counties and over 3000 customers are connected to the wastewater system.